Leisure Hospitality Management Inc. Unveils Exciting New Horizons in Oklahoma with a New Wave of Hotels

Oklahoma is about to experience a hospitality transformation as Leisure Hospitality Management Inc. (LHM) announces an ambitious expansion with plans for multiple hotels throughout Oklahoma and Texas. LHM's extensive track record in delivering exceptional guest experiences and community development make them the ideal partner to fulfill growing accommodation demand while contributing to economic prosperity of their surrounding regions.

In the near future you can look for these new LHM hotels:

Tru by Hilton: Bixby, OK

Candlewood/Avid, dual branded IHG Hotels: Waxahachie, TX

Avid/Holiday Inn Express & Suites dual branded IHG Hotels: Midlothian, TX

Atwell Suites, an IHG Hotel: Frisco, TX at "The Link"

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, an IHG Hotel: Bristow, OK

Leisure Hospitality Management, Inc. has long been recognized for its expertise in creating unforgettable stays, and their expansion into Oklahoma exemplifies this dynamic state's appeal as a destination. They envision creating a portfolio of hotels that not only meet travelers' diverse needs but also reflect Oklahoma's rich culture and charm.

LHM stands out in its commitment to community-centric development by engaging local communities to understand their needs and aspirations before creating hotels that become part of these neighborhoods. LHM partners with Oklahoma businesses and artisans as they showcase all that Oklahoma offers within these hotels.

Job Creation and Economic Benefits:

Hotel industry investments have an enormous effect on job creation and economic expansion. LHM's arrival in Oklahoma should bring with it both job creation and economic growth - with each new hotel, opening up employment opportunities ranging from managerial roles to entry-level positions; in addition, guests drawn in by LHMI hospitality are expected to drive additional economic activity throughout Oklahoma's landscape, further contributing to its development.

Diverse Accommodation Options:

LHM plans to energize Oklahoma's hospitality scene by offering a range of accommodation options designed to cater to diverse traveler preferences. From high-tech luxury hotels with state-of-the-art amenities and boutique establishments that capture local culture to family-friendly options for travelers with children traveling together - LHM strives to offer options that resonate with a broad spectrum of visitors.

Commitment to Sustainability:

LHM recognizes that corporate responsibility demands they act with sustainability at the forefront, which is why their new Oklahoma hotels adhere to eco-friendly practices from energy efficient designs and waste reduction initiatives to energy savings measures and other eco-conscious measures that minimize their environmental footprint while providing guests with an enjoyable and guilt-free travel experience.

Leisure Hospitality Management, Inc.'s announcement of hotels planned for Oklahoma marks an exciting chapter both for their company and for Oklahoma as a state. With an eye toward community engagement, economic development, and providing travelers with diverse accommodation options - LHM's future expansion promises to elevate Oklahoma as an increasingly attractive travel destination. Construction begins and all eyes turn towards LHM to see how they will shape hospitality's future in America's heartland.

We believe in sharing our business culture throughout Oklahoma areas by being a part of its community. We strive to offer new jobs to Oklahomans as well as impact travelers visiting whether business or pleasure.

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